Spirit Ferrari to Beat Mercedes

All fans of the Mercedes F1 satisfied by action continued to dominate the champion title at some races already in progress. The dominance of Ferrari Mercedes has made the team feel the need to make the competition even tighter. Ferrari has made a mistake on some machine work and the system must be repaired quickly.
This statement has been confirmed by director James Allison as the operational speed of a Ferrari. He said he would do all the changes that can make the work faster Ferrari. James also believes that under the leadership of Marco Mattiacci then Ferrari would make good news for all fans of Ferrari.
An engine that is being developed by the Ferrari is still F14 -T dominates all that effort. Allison also said that Ferrari will be working with all the teams to make the car have magical powers such as Mercedes. All of these efforts will be evidenced by creating a new system on the aerodynamic, electronic, set up, to all mechanical components involved. This effort has also been demonstrated during the last race that lived by Ferrari. Allison said everyone should look at the position achieved by Ferrari and will continue to fight to get the position of champion.

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